Whether you’re a leader, manager, life coach, mentor, executive coach, or a volunteer coach serving in a non-profit organization, you can take advantage of the coaching cycle to help people accomplish their goals.

3-circlesThe MyCoachLog coaching cycle has three stages: Prepare, Engage, and Act.

The Prepare step offers questions to help you set the agenda before your coaching appointment. LCD Monitor You have the option of selecting some questions beforehand and sending them via email to the person you are coaching. This approach helps your client prethink the coaching session and saves a great deal of time getting your sessions on track. Click the monitor image to see how MyCoachLog makes this critical step a breeze for both coaches and clients.

LCD MonitorThe Engage step is the actual coaching session where you discuss the questions with the client and dialogue. This phase features a note-taking area to provide a confidential online record of what was discussed in the session. These notes can help form the basis for some followup questions for the next session. Click the monitor image to see the session screen in MyCoachLog, where coaches and clients can both take notes while being able to refer to the preparation questions from the prepare step.

LCD MonitorThe Act step lists your agreed-upon action points. These serve as reminders of what needs to be followed up on in your next session, as well as increasing accountability. Action items can be added at any point during your session, and can be assigned to either the client or the coach. Both the coach and the client are able to log into MyCoachLog at any time to review outstanding items and mark them as completed. Click the video monitor image to see how action items are created and tracked easily in MyCoachLog.

Tutorialsyou can watch to see how the system works.