We have prepareda series of video tutorialsfor MyCoachLog, which will walk you though the coachlog system, including the following screens for the application:

MyCoachLog Dashboard The Coaching Dashboard is the default view for coaches. From this view, you can tell at a glance the current status of each of your coaching relationships, and take specific actions to move them along. You can view the individuals or groups you are coaching, as well as invite new clients or create groups of existing clients for team coaching environments.

This screen puts everything at your fingertips — click the image for a larger view.


Create Client Screen The Create Client Screen enables you to add clients and send them their login information. This is also the screen where you can create and manage groups, adding or removing individuals to the group as you need to.

Internally, MyCoachLog has a powerful user management system that allows a coach to have his own clients and groups of clients, but also be a client of another coach — all while keeping the data separate and secure from each of the other coaching relationships. Similarly, members of groups can also be coached individually without mixing the individual data with the group sessions.


edit-profile The Profile Editing Screen is similar for both clients and coaches, but coaches have additional settings — note the various tabs. Here you can not only enter the relevant personal data, you can also select what information shows up in the smaller “vcard” that appears in places like the session screen. For example, you might show an email address and a preferred telephone number along with the client’s name.

You can click the image for a larger view which will show the various tabs for editing a user’s personal information and preferences.


edit-prep-questions The Prep Question Editing Screen allows you to start each new session — or coaching cycle — with preparation questions. You can choose a template from the ones we’ve provided, and edit it if you wish before sending to your client. You can also save your own templates with your customized questions for future use, or create a unique set for each client or group as you go. Question creation is very simple, with a number of formats available (long or short answer, multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, or custom ranges/scales). You can even reorder your questions after they are set up.

The preparation questions tool is an invaluable pieces of the MyCoachLog coaching system, and makes it easy to help clients come prepared for each session.

Session Screen The Session Screen can be used by the coach only, or by the coach and the client at the same time. Each can keep their own set of notes on the session, and can refer to the latest set of preparation questions and responses as well as view and maintain action items from one screen. Once again, everything you’re likely to need during the session is right at your fingertips for easy followup and note-taking as well as for creating an action plan.

mcl-lcd-monitor To see more of how these screens work in MyCoachLog, we have prepared a series of brief tutorial videos, starting with Get Ready.

If you would like to arrange a demonstration of how MyCoachLog can work for your organization, pleasecontact us— and when you’re ready, you canselect a planandget startedon doubling your effectiveness as a coach or mentor!