Coaches who use MyCoachLog have been very impressed with it, and report it to have quickly become a valuable tool in their practice.

MyCoachLog has been a wonderful tool for my coaching business. I like it for four reasons:

  • It brings the prep question process to a new level of professionalism
  • It is convenient and streamlined (much more than email with attachments for prep questions)
  • It gives my clients more value. They can go online as they wish and check notes, review action items, send a summary to themselves, etc.
  • It improves client engagement and success. MyCoachLog makes it easy for my clients to prepare for their session and (as all coaches know) we can get to coaching more quickly when the client is prepared.
  • Bonus: As a personal brand strategist, I love that it can be branded for my business. ( — it’s important to have this brand consistency.

— Jen Bertsch, Moxy Coaching

As a busy executive coach, I am always looking for ways to be more efficient with my use of time. has been an invaluable tool in consolidating my coaching practise. This tool has allowed me to keep great notes, work with clients to create action items, track progress, and keep it all straight for 40 clients at a time. I could not do the work I do without this tool.

— Keith Shields, Coach and consultant, Vancouver, BC